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Mass Effect 2 fan art by aribuwana Mass Effect 2 fan art by aribuwana
A Mass Effect 2 fan art. never played the first one, but planning to play it if i have a free time. so don't hate me ME fans.. heheh. this is my favourite WRPG so far i think. and i was planning to draw all of the characters except Shepard, but yeah, my hand went numb after I draw Thane. heheh.

I am trying some different methods in drawing right now, there are a lot of great artist draw directly with their wacom tablet and their artworks are very exceptional. well, i want to try that, as well as to draw something with more realistic rather than a manga style approach. so yeah, there were a lot of trial and errors here.well, i hope you like it..
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Rogerrr57 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
Perfect in every way, really captures the feel of the game
Natsumi494 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013
This is AWESOME !!
honglong17 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
Very beautiful art, i love it , But that Miranda ?
DavidNevins Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
this is bloody great :D
Emotiocon13 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This amazing!
Would you mind if i put this on my blog? it looks so amazing!
hobojoe2013 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
GReat job conveying depth :).
CassieWinslowFan Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012
While imagining writing a story more so in Miranda's point of view, flowing from before her creation to beyond the end of Mass Effect 3, I imagined a scene exactly like this if you go with destroying all synthetic life in the end of ME3. This is beautiful. Wonderful job!
Sparky28 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing work, this is epic!
wannabuyabun Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2011
I love it. Great job!
jebelkrong Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011
love this one, the feel of the piece is just amazing.
NeroonCousland Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
Great artwork.
acethebatdog Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011
love it.
Xelestial Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I am going to take this and use it as a featured picture for my Mass Effect news article because I love showcasing good art, even if it's just a mundane news article related to it, I like to make it pretty!
rezahpo Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
RayneEthelwulf Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
Congrats on the shoutout :) Love it!
ternar001 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
Absolute Great Work
elvenblood Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Very cool.
Randal-T Featured By Owner May 4, 2011
Wow. You say you're looking for different methods to draw by, but in my opinion, this is gold, pure Turian gold.
Madame-Arwen-Rommel Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011
Fantastic details, beautiful colouring, great shading, and you portrayed the characters very good! Brilliant piece of art. I really love it. :nod:

Instant :+fav:
J-Kalli Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011
Great work! I like your style. :-)
DarkLeaDeR Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Elvean Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010
This is absolutely gorgeous. All 3 characters came out beautifully.
maciekBWR Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2010
This looks like an official concept art from the game! Awesome job!
Autumnfires Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2010
It turned out wonderfully R. It's got your style to it, but as opposed to the underground stuff I'm use to seeing you draw on a weekly basis? This is a treat for the eyes. I also need to buy and play ME2 - just finished ME the other day....
Well done and keep it coming ^.^
Quantum-Art Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2010
Aw man, aw man!!! So good!!!!!

I really wish you had some other mass effect stuff, totally wouldve watched you!!
TheBaron101 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2010
This is fucking epic
JohnnyDepp-Fan Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is extremely awesome :O
Ryoboy Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2010
damn that is sick!
Berserker79 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2010
Excellent work, I think you captured the feeling of ME2 in this art! :+fav: :love:
SligarTheTiger Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
epic, nicely done, love how thanes in the back lol
Elegance-Defined Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Beautiful work. <3
Freezepl Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2010
My actual wallpaper. Good work!
TheLastIronMan Featured By Owner May 27, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
"And when the wold looks to us..."
Blackcell8 Featured By Owner May 14, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D That is pretty awesome!
Kahote Featured By Owner May 11, 2010
I love the realistic approach you took. This reminds me of the end of the first game where the squadmates come out of the rubble to find themselves alone as the only survivors (well almost). Wonderful, I look forward to more!
CrimsonPyro Featured By Owner May 10, 2010   Writer
A powerful scene, looks as if they are taking a breather during a loooong battle.
Takrezz Featured By Owner May 9, 2010
manteb ini bro :thumbsup:
Grievious-Drache Featured By Owner May 9, 2010
I'm a huge fan of the game and this pic totally rocks! Love the expressions, the colors, and your style is amazing!! Great Job!
PrototypeB Featured By Owner May 9, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That kicks some serious ass. They're such great characters!
emedeme Featured By Owner May 9, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I've not played ME2 yet, but this pic is freaking awesome. Great work =D
Dutchkat Featured By Owner May 9, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Gorgeous, simply gorgeous....

Instant fave!
DaQuinta Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010
Hi! We like your fanart work and want to show it on our videogames website ( in the fanart weekly section [[link]]

Of course the pic will be showed with your name and a link to this site, mentioning you as the original author.

We want to know if you agree with it. If you want to remove your picture from our web, plase, send me a mail ( or respond this message.
JarvisValmont Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2010
Very nice work. :)
sinribbon Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2010  Professional General Artist
Nicely painted. I love the emotion in Shepard's expression.
sinribbon Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2010  Professional General Artist
Er crap, Miranda, I mean. x_x
Hayter Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I'm not wild about the sulky Thane in the background, but this is my favourite Miranda fanart thus far. You've captured the sex and confidence of the character without resorting to childish or amateur techniques (big boob focus or slutty demeanour) which makes it stand a aprt from most I've seen.

Well done. :)
Human-Specter Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
wow that is really good. I love the style, please do more :>
DeepXC Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Im loving the way you drew Miranda, is a huge fan of hers. :D:D:D
ghostdancedeluxe Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
This is really fantastic. I'm amazed at how you painted this, you have a very unique style. :)
LacerationValentine Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2010
Holy crap, that's beautiful! And it's a picture that has my three favorite characters all together! Extra points for that! :D

But seriously. This is absolutely GORGEOUS!
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